34th Cycle Research Projects

  El YAZIDI MAYSSA - Geological mapping and structural analysis of fault networks on Mars and Mercury: Implications for regional tectonics and geodynamics


+39 049 827 6836

A Planetary geologist, received a PhD fellowship in Space Science, Technologies and Measurement (CISAS).  

Research project
Her interest focuses on the study of the surface features in Noctis Labyrinthus (Mars) through the analysis of the relationship between faults systems and Pit chains to understand the origin of the complex branched networks of canyons in the same area. This analysis is conducted using different orthoimages derived from HRSC (Onboard Mars Express), CTX(Onboard Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter), CaSSIS(Onboard ExoMars/TGO) and DTMs.  As an additional part of her PhD work, Mayssa also studies the tectonic features in some areas of interest in Eminescu-H9 quadrangle of Mercury, using different basemaps derived from Mercury Messanger MDIS to develop MorphoStratigraphic and ChronoStratigraphic maps.