2024 Didactical activities


The PhD course attendance is restricted to STMS PhD students

(exceptions have to be approved by the PhD Coordinator).


2024 Didactical activities


The PhD course attendance is restricted to STMS PhD students

(exceptions have to be approved by the CISAS Director and the PhD Coordinator).


Corsi da 10/20/30 ore

1)      Mechanical and thermal properties of materials for aerospace constructions, proff. Ugo Galvanetto, Mirco Zaccariotto

2)      Space Optics, prof.ssa Maria Pelizzo, prof. Alain Jody Corso

3)      Exploring the solar system and its environment, Proff. Gabriele Cremonese, Francesco Marzari

4)      Measurement fundamentals and image analysis based techniques, prof. Marco Pertile, prof. Gianluca Rossi

5)      Space systems and their control, proff. Alessandro Francesconi, Andrea Valmorbida


Short seminars da 1h-1.5h

1)      Data-driven turbulence modeling: the potential of generative adversarial network, Prof. Temistocle Grenga

2)      ESA and the Earth Observation Programme, prof. Alessandro Zuccaro Marchi

3)      Intellectual Property management R&D projects, prof. Ivano Musso

4)      Basic of statistical inference and application in astrophysics, Prof. Giacomo D'Amico

5)      The lifework in an aerospace company, prof. Massimo Cosi

6)      Atmospheric electricity: TLEs, TGFs and their observation from space and ground, Prof.ssa Roberta Colalillo

7)      Navigation information System: SPICE Kernels, Prof. Chiara Casini


Seminari da 2+2 ore

1)      Computational Fluid Dynamics: Methods and Applications, Prof. Andrea Bottacin Busolin

2)      Ageing and Durability of high temperature aircraft structures: pylons, aero-engines, nacelles, Prof. Marco Gigliotti

3)      How to communicate your participation in Space exploration? 1st) The Italian case from History to the present Space Economy 2nd) A Space Communication Lab: how to describe your research, prof. David. Burigana

4)      Ethics and Space Exploration, Prof. Pierfrancesco Biasetti

5)      Product Assurance Management for space missions, prof.ssa Paola Zuppella

6)      Manufacturing and aligning large aluminum mirrors for a space telescope: the Ariel case study, Prof. Paolo Chioetto

7)      Simulation of aerospace problems using commercial software, Prof. Federico Dalla Barba

8)      Space instrumentation: challenges, legacies and innovations, prof.  Giacomo Colombatti


Cicli di seminari

1)      Detectors for Space Applications, prof.ssa Michela Uslenghi