2023 Didactical activities


The PhD course attendance is restricted to STMS PhD students

(exceptions have to be approved by the PhD Coordinator).


20-hours courses

  1. Space Systems & their Control, prof. Andrea Valmorbida - prof. Alessandro Francesconi
  2. Measurement techniques: fundamentals, PC based, visual and thermal image analysis based, prof. Gianluca Rossi, Marco Pertile
  3. Exploring the solar system and its environment, prof. Gabriele Cremonese, prof. Francesco Marzari
  4. Mechanical and thermal properties of material for aerospace constructions - prof. Ugo Galvanetto - prof. Mirco Zaccariotto
  5. Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics - Prof. Andrea Bottacin Busolin – prof. Federico Dalla Barba – prof. Francesco Picano
  6. Planetary Optical Photogrammetry, prof. Claudio Pernechele, prof. Emanuele Simioni


30-hours courses

1. Space Optics and Detectors, prof. Alain Jody Corso, prof. Giampiero Naletto, prof.ssa Maria Guglielmina Pelizzo


2+2-hours seminars

  1. Ageing and Durability of high temperature aircraft structures: pylons, aero-engines, nacelles, prof. Marco Gigliotti
  2. Atomic Force Microscope for space optics: beauty at the nanoscale, prof. Paola Zuppella
  3. Tethers in space: applications and perspectives, prof. Giacomo Colombatti.


1-1.5-hour Short seminars

  1. NUSES: the NeUtrino & Seismic Electromagnetic Signals mission, new scientific and technological pathways for future space-based detectors, prof. Riccardo Rando
  2. Is aluminum a viable material for large cryogenic mirrors in space? The Ariel case study, prof. Paolo Chioetto
  3. Space Ethics: A Survey of Some Value Issues in Space Exploration, prof. Francesco Biasetti
  4. Space Diplomacy: Players and Dynamics, prof. David Burigana


Seminars held by a professor from a foreign/external institution

1. The orbit determination problem: from classical to more recent methods, prof. Giulio Baù