2022 Didactical activities


The PhD course attendance is restricted to STMS PhD students

(exceptions have to be approved by the PhD Coordinator).


10-hours courses

Remote sensing instruments for atmospheric transparency: theory, instruments and methods, prof. Michele Doro - prof. Markus Gaug – prof. Samo Stanic

Durability and Ageing of Organic Matrix Composites for Aircraft Applications, prof. Marco Gigliotti


20-hours courses

Space Systems & their Control, prof. Andrea Valmorbida - prof. Alessandro Francesconi

Measurement techniques: fundamentals, PC based, visual and thermal image analysis based (ex Fundamentals of Measurement and PC-based applications), prof. Gianluca Rossi - prof. Marco Pertile

Exploring the solar system and its environment, prof. Gabriele Cremonese - prof. Francesco Marzari

Mechanical and thermal properties of material for aerospace constructions - prof. Ugo Galvanetto - prof. Mirco Zaccariotto


30-hours courses

Space Optics and Detectors, prof. Alain Jody Corso - prof. Giampiero Naletto - prof.ssa Maria Guglielmina Pelizzo


2+2-hours seminars

Operating a detector in space for 10 years: the case of Fermi LAT, prof. Riccardo Rando

Very Low Earth Orbit Satellites for Earth Observation, Prof. Francesco Barato

Thin-film optical polarizers for space applications, prof.ssa Paola Zuppella

The OSIRIS-REx sample return mission: a journey to the origin of the Solar System, prof. Maurizio Pajola


1-1.5-hour Short seminars

Characterisation of fracture resistance of interfaces in mode I, mode II and mixed mode, prof. Giulio Alfano

Introduction to Quantum Technologies, Prof. Giuseppe Vallone

Computational approaches for fluid-structure interaction with fracturing, Prof. Federico Dalla Barba

Dispersed Multiphase Flows: Physics and Modelling, prof. Francesco Picano

Space Electric Propulsion, Prof. Mirko Magarotto

Past and future imaging of the surface of Mars, Prof. Nicolas Thomas

Satellite constellation design for global and local coverage, prof. Carlo Bettanini,

Tethers for space applications: current developments and future perspectives, Prof. Enrico Lorenzini

Machine learning in fluids: Do we need it?, prof. Luca Magri

Rendezvous and docking technologies for small satellites, Prof. F. Branz.


Seminars held by a professor from a foreign/external institution

Recent advances in numerical approach for multiphase flows, prof. Pedro Simoes Costa

Planetary Atmospheres: Fundamental physics and remote sensing principles, prof. Nick Schneider

Computational Physics in a World Full of GPUs, What You Need To Know, prof. Matt Bettencourt