67P Comet Nucleus Workshop, 24-26 June 2019, Asiago, Italy

 67P Comet Nucleus Workshop, 24-26 June 2019, Asiago, Italy

During the Rosetta mission, a large number of data have been collected on 67P nucleus, both as direct estimates of some of its properties and as observations related to its surface morphology. The goal of this meeting is to share and discuss all this information, in a collective effort of producing a coherent picture of the properties of the comet nucleus, which will provide a sound basis for future works.


The workshop will be structured as an "open discussion" meeting, with the audience encouraged to questioning, and leaving as much time as possible to target-oriented discussion among scientists.


We will try to address the following topics:


- Measured properties: which measurable properties have been actively and passively estimated for the cometary materials of 67P? What do we miss?

- Observed properties: which morphological features have been observed that provide information on the behaviour of cometary material?

- Expected properties: if you would have a perfectly preserved sample of comet 67P material in your lab, what properties would it exhibit?

- Microscopic structure: Do we have acceptable/agreeable models for cometary "fundamental elements" and about their agglomeration to form a comet nucleus?

- Macroscopic structure: are the bi-lobate configuration and the layering structure telling us something about 67P's origin and evolution?

- Spectral behaviour: what can be derived from nucleus surface spectral observations? Any correlation between colours and mechanical/morphological properties?

- Morphologies formation models: Do we have formation models capable to justify the many different nucleus observed features?

The meeting will be held at the Asiago astronomical observatory, located in the Italian Alps, at less than two hours driving from Venice airport.